AOHT | Association of Oral Health Therapists

Mission & Vision

Mission: To be the one voice representing the Oral Health Therapist profession in Singapore

Vision: To be recognised nationwide as an integral part of the dental team


 To encourage high standards of practice, education and research among oral health therapists/dental hygienists and dental therapists;

 To increase public awareness of the benefits in prevention and treatment of oral disease and promotion of oral health;

 To promote and increase the awareness and acceptance of Oral Health Therapists within the dental profession.

 To represent the interests of Oral Health Therapists, Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists.

 Contribute to the advancement of the Oral Health Therapy profession by encouraging and organising educational and civic activities amongst members.

 Cultivate cordial relations with local and regional Oral Health Associations and relevant Dental Council.

 Encourage and support humanitarian projects to prevent and treat oral disease