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Membership Benefits


Our membership comes with a complementary dental indemnify insurance provided by QBE, specifically tailored for OHTs

Job Opportunities

Be the first to get notified of the available job opportunities before your peers.


Get notified of the upcoming events and get exclusive discounted rate for CDE events organised by the Association and our Affiliates.

Representation and Advocacy

The association provides you the platform to voice your concern and ideas be represented and have your rights advocated.

Networking Opportunties

Using the opportunity at our events to meet other OHTs, Dentist and Representatives and expand your network.

Exclusive Resources

Stay updated and gain access to useful resource that will give you an edge as an OHT

Membership Options

1. The Ordinary

Ordinary Membership is open to those with Diploma in Dental Hygiene and Therapy from a local accredited tertiary institution or higher.

Ordinary Members are entitled to vote and to hold office in the Society.

Ordinary Members are automatically covered by dental indemnity offered by QBE


Type of MembershipEntrance Fee/Admin FeeJoining Period(January to June)Joining Period(July to December)

Ordinary Membership is paid annually, with membership ending on 31 Dec of the same year.

2. The Associate

Associate Membership is open to members of the dental profession who are:
Members of dental auxiliary who are interested in the advancement of dentistry; or
Students of Diploma in Dental Hygiene and Therapy from a local accredited tertiary institution or higher; or
Persons who are registered or entitled to be registered in Division I/II of the register of the Singapore Dental Council.
Associate members shall pay dues but are not entitled to vote or to hold office in the Society.

Type of MembershipEntrance Fee/Admin FeeJoining Period(January to June)Joining Period(July to December)
AssociatewaivedSGD$60/two yearsSGD$60/two years

Associate membership is paid every 2 yearly, and ceases on 31st December of the next year.



Dental insurance by QBE.
Notification of job opportunities.
CDE events notifications.
Discounted rates for CDE events organised by AOHT.
Representation and advocacy on behalf of members.
Contact with other Oral Health Therapists and affiliations with similar industry groups

MEMBERSHIP and registration

 To register with us, click the following link to download the registration form:

AOHT Application Form

You may mail your application form and the supporting documents to:

Association for Oral Health Therapists
2 College Road, Alumni Medical Centre
Singapore 169 850

Dental Indemnity

With effect from Jan 2018, all Ordinary Membership comes with dental indemnity coverage offered by QBE Singapore.

Basic coverage of $100,000 per year for OHT job scope listed in SDC website. Please contact us individually if coverage is required for expanded job scope.

Membership and Indemnity coverage will start on the same date upon receiving completed documentation and payment.

QBE - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of coverage will I be receiving?

A: Should you need to make a monetary compensation, the QBE insurance will pay for the compensation amount, and all legal costs, up to the amount you are covered for. This is provided that the treatment that you have provided is well within the supervisory standards and SDC-stipulated workscope.

2. I have an existing indemnity. What happens if I buy the QBE indemnity?

A: Should there be a claims case against you, you will be able to activate both indemnity, up to the limit of each coverage.

3. A coverage of $100,000 is not enough for me. I work long hours, see many patients, and the patients I see are generally higher net worth. Can I increase the coverage?

A: Please let us know. QBE will be able to customise a professional indemnity with more coverage for you.

4. I work in the public sector and am already covered by the government indemnity. Why do I need the QBE indemnity then?

A: Firstly, the government indemnity covers only your work in your official government workplace. If you engage in external work, like private practice or homes, the QBE indemnity will provide you the necessary coverage.

Second, the QBE indemnity covers you for as long as you stay insured, even if you switch practices. This means you still get covered even if it is a treatment rendered 4 years ago in the previous practice, if you had held onto the same indemnity over the years.

However, please note that the coverage ceases the moment the policy lapses.

5. I don’t feel the need to own the indemnity. Should anything happen, I will answer for it.

A: Owning a professional indemnity not only protects the professional, but the patient as well. A situation where the professional does not have enough means to compensate the patient where it is due can be avoided if the professional has an indemnity coverage in the first place.

6. Can I just purchase the indemnity without joining AOHT?

A: As the indemnity is administered by AOHT, we require that you must be a member. To simplify the signup process, you will get both AOHT membership and QBE professional indemnity with one sign-up.

7. How will I know when the Indemnity coverage starts?

A: Members will receive a letter with date of coverage commencement and expiry date. Please do take note of the date, to make Membership/Indemnity renewal before policy lapses.

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